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The Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council or better known as MHTC was established under the Ministry of Health Malaysia, bringing together the nation's dual heritage of hospitality and medical innovation, highlighting Malaysia as the preferred healthcare travel destination in the Asian region. As an initiative under the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH), its ultimate purpose is to promote and position Malaysia as a unique destination for world-class healthcare services.

Incorporation of MHTC

In 2005, the MOH had established a small unit to promote medical tourism. From then onwards, the phenomenon of medical tourism started to catch on. To step up the promotional campaign, the MOH then took the initiative to brand Malaysian medical tourism. This led to the launching of the Malaysia Healthcare logo and tagline "Quality Care for Your Peace of Mind' in June 2009.
Building on this momentum, the government decided to form MHTC, which was established under the MOH on 3rd July in 2009 upon the approval of the Malaysian Cabinet. The purpose of MHTC is to streamline healthcare travel service providers and industry players in both private and government sectors so as to drive the industry to greater heights.


  • To position Malaysia as the preferred destination for world-class healthcare services


  • To promote global awareness of Malaysian healthcare facilities and services.
  • To promote and facilitate the development of the Malaysian healthcare industry so as to penetrate the global market.

Our Objective

MHTC was established mainly to facilitate public-private sector collaboration so that issues affecting this industry can be effectively addressed to ensure that our visitors have a seamless experience with Malaysian healthcare services.

Our Strategies

At MHTC, the development of strategies and programmes are carried out by working together with various stakeholders, including the Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia (APHM), Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE), Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), Tourism Malaysia and Malaysian Dental Association (MDA) to develop programmes to bring Malaysian medical tourism at the forefront.
MHTC also coordinates promotional activities for Malaysian healthcare providers and related stakeholders. While the healthcare travel industry will be private sector-driven, the Malaysian Government will assume an active role to facilitate its growth. MHTC acts as a focal point or a 'one-stop centre' for all matters related to healthcare travel, to facilitate enquiries on policies and programmes on healthcare travel development and promotion, including solutions on matters related to healthcare travel. MHTC is not only the promotional arm of the Government but also a referral point to assist healthcare travellers and members in the healthcare travel industry in Malaysia.

Participating Medical Providers

There are over 250 private hospitals in Malaysia. However, only hospitals that are well-equipped and catered to receive and handle medical tourism are approved and registered to be a participating medical tourism provider in Malaysia. A selection committee consisting of representatives from both the private and government sector will stringently evaluate and select these medical providers to ensure that the standard of service and quality medical care provided within the industry is continuously upheld.