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Hotel Fasano Boa Vista

The charm of a country retreat with the refined comfort of a Fasano hotel.
Enjoy the tranquility of São Paulo’s verdant countryside with all the comforts of a Fasano hotel at Fasano Boa Vista. Designed by renowned Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld, Hotel Fasano Boa Vista has already established itself as a top destination for the discerning traveler, in keeping with Fasano Group’s tradition of excellence in service, hospitality and sophistication.

Located over 2,470 acres of sprawling farmland 60 miles outside São Paulo, Fasano Boa Vista offers two 18-hole golf courses, more than 14 lakes and natural pools and all the leisure offerings of a countryside retreat. Guests enjoy a variety of activities such as competitive and recreational horseback riding, fine dining at our restaurants and bars, and amenities such as full helicopter service and supervised activities for children, among others.
For more than 100 years, the Fasano name has been synonymous with fine dining--a tradition continued by award-winning chefs Salvatore Loi and Laurent Suaudeau.
At the Hotel Fasano Boa Vista, you can enjoy the relaxed, slower pace of the countryside, just an hour’s drive from São Paulo.
The hotel’s two 18-hole golf courses, designed by Arnold Palmer and Randall Thompson, are the only South American courses built to PGA regulations.


  • Total Rooms: 27
  • Total Suites: 12
  • Kids Center
  • Private Petting Zoo
  • Fitness Center
  • Tennis Resort
  • Spa
  • Children's Programs